Thoughts In Form Community Update

Dear Conscious Thinker,

Thoughts In Form has had many setbacks since it’s inception. One of the most challenging which some of you may be familiar with, was the takedown of the Thoughts In Form YouTube Channel.

This unfortunately was not just a setback to Thoughts In Form as a brand, but to me, the creator and driving force behind this brand. Financially, the takedown of the channel was a setback in that it forced to me concentrate on alternate methods of generating income, shifting my focus away from Thoughts in Form.

However I view this as something that was beneficial to myself and the Thoughts In Form brand over the long-term. What resulted was a process of personal growth that lead me to develop my digital design skills further. More importantly I felt a strong pull to learn how to create my own content in such a unique and original way that it could only be seen as fair use or totally original, thereby avoiding the same mistakes made during the first attempt to form a “Success Library”

That being said, moving forward as the content creator for TIF I feel more well-equiped than I ever have, and am enthused about the direction TIF has now taken. As time passed and direction changed, the focus on Instagram has intensified and caused a shift in the type of content being posted towards a hybrid of photos AND short motivational videos which has greatly increased community engagement.

Moving forward the following channels will be built/updated and later maintained;

Thank you a million times over for all the support leading up to this point. It has been a challenging ride so far but I’m confident that these challenges are the universe pushing me in the direction necessary to be able to create the greatest good for the world in the future. Many skills have already been born of these challenges and I can imagine there are many more to come. So thank you for appreciating and understanding my utter human-ness.

Thank You a million times over,


Daniel Casas
Founder of Thoughts In Form


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