Thought Behind The Form

Thoughts in Form was born as an idea, a thought like anything else. This idea behind the Thoughts in Form brand was to bring to an all-too-often dim world the light of positive thinking. Using three mediums; Video, Photo, and Wearables we aim to positively influence as many people as we can. By adding together the engine of inspiration and the fuel of motivational material we believe we can brighten our world with positivity that benefits all people.

Thoughts in Form is composed of it’s founder, design team, and most importantly it’s supporters, you! For the creators of Thoughts in Form it often took only one message, one speaker, one realization to turn our lives around for the better. Together we believe we can help share those same messages and light the desire for our brothers and sisters to do the same. We feel each of us has the responsibility to do our part in bettering ourselves through the study of personal development, positive affirmation, and the formation of beneficial habits and paradigms.

Our work is driven by the premise that if we act on the vision of a better world, our future will be extraordinarily bright. As believers in the power of positive thinking we subscribe to the idea that “thoughts become things” and that “We become what we think about”. It is through this belief that we are able to achieve our goals and give back to the community in order to co-create a more positive, fuller expression of life.

Together we stand, working tirelessly, persistently, and in strong faith that every single person has the potential for greatness. It is our deepest desire and highest intention that through Thoughts in Form millions of people can wake up to the realization that we are creators of our own reality and create a genuine heaven on earth.